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Our developmental project ranges from oil & gas, energy, automobiles, telecommunication,  internet, computer, ict, electrical, electronics, Real estate, Agriculture and food security.  Helping engineers, technologist, technicians, artisans, farmers, and people from various crafts to actualize their potentials.



We no  just train but empower our diligent trainees with training resources,  working tools(Laptops, mobile devices, internet devices), and cash rewards. These empowerment rewards are strictly on due diligence and hard work. It is based on performance, merit, and hardwork. The empowerment is aimed on business startup and self-reliance.



Innovations in business, entrepreneurship, commerce, and technology. We turn ordinary business to online business, entrepreneurship to digital entrepreneurship, commerce to e-commerce and technology to new technology. We help you invest your skills and resources to profitable ventures. It is often said “idea rules the world” techclus helps you in creating new ideas and recreating old ideas into product and services. We help in the right application of ideas into profitable inventions and solutions for economical growth to satisfy a specific need.