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Innovations in business, entrepreneurship, commerce, and technology. We turn ordinary business to online business, entrepreneurship to digital entrepreneurship, commerce to e-commerce and technology to new technology. We help you invest your skills and resources to profitable ventures. It is often said “idea rules the world” techclus helps you in creating new ideas and recreating old ideas into product and services. We help in the right application of ideas into profitable inventions and solutions for economical growth to satisfy a specific need.


We are new technology driven company that provide ICT Solution, Digital Entrepreneurship, and E-commerce solution. Techclus Global services provides our beneficiaries the tools to leverage on modern technology for profit making and business development. We assist government, corporate bodies, individuals on technology entrepreneurship. We provide services in Computers, ICT, internet, Telecommunication, Automobiles, Energy, Oil & Gas, and real estate. The internet has affected the mode of communication and has changed consumer behavior.


Training is the bedrock of development, effectiveness, excellence, and profitability. We provide profitable training on modern technology, internet & digital marketing, web design/management, Computers, Automobiles, ICT devices, and certification in any of the specified skills and knowledge that relate to tech crafts and competencies. Our goals is to improve our trainees capability, capacity, productivity and performance for wealth creation.

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Our developmental project ranges from oil & gas, energy, automobiles, telecommunication,  internet, computer, ict, electrical, electronics, Real estate, Agriculture and food security.  Helping engineers, technologist, technicians, artisans, farmers, and people from various crafts to actualize their potentials.



We no  just train but empower our diligent trainees with training resources,  working tools(Laptops, mobile devices, internet devices), and cash rewards. These empowerment rewards are strictly on due diligence and hard work. It is based on performance, merit, and hardwork. The empowerment is aimed on business startup and self-reliance.


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Techclus IM Coaching and Consulting is one of the best internet Business consultation I ever had. They demystified Blogging and managing a website to me in few minutes. I really appreciate it

Faith Kirian Blogger @faithkirian.com

If really want to my business to make wave online, I will recommend Techclus training program, they have helped me to get my business online into digital marketing. I am doing what I love to do and I had always dreamt to do!

Kazeem Balogun admin@barzmit.com

Alex Adams, the brain behind techclus global has made a mark in the digital industry. I have attended series of his coaching and training programs. He made digital marketing as simple as a, b, c

Angel O Israel CEO@internetbizmentor.com

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We are a world class new technology services and solution provider.

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About us

Techclus Global is a modern technology training and innovations platform that equip people from all field of life in physical and  digital entrepreneurship. In our Empowerment program; we share, encourage, and reward our trainees with information, tools, equipment, and cash to help them start their own business and be self-reliance. Our skills development programs covers from internet tech, computer tech, ICT, electricals, electronics, mechatronics, automobile tech, Real estate, Agric and food security. Helping engineers, technologist, technicians, artisans, farmers, and people from various crafts to actualize their potentials.

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